Suffering with hay fever? Breathe easier with Woolow.

Suffering with hay fever? Breathe easier with Woolow.

ACHOO! How Woolow can help you cope with hay fever

As the days lengthen and the pollen count rises, hay fever becomes a miserable annual affliction for many of us. Did you know that sleeping on a Woolow can ease some of the symptoms? Creator Michael Burke says the key factor is wool’s breathability.

“Sleeping on the cleaned, carded wool in a Woolow means that you are breathing easier and calming your nervous system. This means that you will get a better sleep and won’t be kept awake by the unpleasant symptoms of hay fevers and other allergies.

Dust mites are a major contributor to allergic reactions. Scientific testing has demonstrated that dust mites cannot survive in wool, which is why natural wool has been internationally awarded Allergy Seal of Approval. Put simply, you breathe easier. This is also true for anyone of the 20 per cent of the population with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Using one of our aromatherapy sleep sprays is another aid. Lavender has been linked to relieving asthmatic symptoms. Our Sound Sleep spray contains chamomile which can build your pollen resistance while the frankincense in the Deep Sleep blend may be effective in the treatment of blocked sinuses and streaming eyes which often accompany hay fever.

Making small changes can lead to big results.