Our Woolow Pillow will change the way you sleep – forever!

Our sleeping hours are the time our bodies need to heal, to reset. Getting the sleep you need enables your body to be fully alert and do its thing, so you can do yours! We want you to fall in love with falling asleep again and wake up smiling every day – to be your very best version of you! How?

The answer is natural and supportive, it's healthy & it's personal...
The answer is Woolow.

What if you could take that feeling of a full night’s sleep, feeling refreshed and ready for whatever your day has in store and keep it in a pillow all of your own? Your very own organic wool pillow, wrapped in a soft 300 thread cotton casing and lovingly crafted to ensure you have the best night’s sleep imaginable, every night. Now that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Size & Construction

Size Standard pillow size 48 x 74cm (19″ x 29″) 
Construction 100% Natural Wool filled with 300 thread count 100% cotton casing. Our Woolow pillows have a medium firmness, but it differs to a down pillow in that it offers more neck support.


Allergies? Our woolow pillow will help. Trust us.

The Woolow pillow is filled with proven natural hypo-allergenic wool. Scientific testing has demonstrated that dust mites cannot survive in wool, which is why natural wool has been internationally awarded Allergy Seal of Approval.

"I wanted an eco friendly, biodegradable pillow, Woolow has produced just that! It's extremely well made, comfortable. My husband prefers the Natural Woolow & I love the subtlety of scent in my Lavender Woolow. I can sleep soundly knowing I have healthy hypoallergenic materials right under my nose all night long". - Rachel D, Ireland