Pillow Talk

Why do people love Woolow?
We’ll let our customers have the last word…
"Love the comfort and support of my natural Woolow pillow and my neck is no longer stiff when I awaken in the morning" – Eveleen C, London
"Such a comfy pillow. Love that it's all natural, and the lavender smells so good!" – Ellen E, Ontario
"I wanted an eco friendly, biodegradable pillow, Woolow has produced just that! It's extremely well made, comfortable ..... my husband prefers the natural Woolow & I love the subtlety of scent in my Lavender Woolow. I can sleep soundly knowing I have healthy hypoallergenic materials right under my nose all night long." – Rachel D, Ireland
"Thank you so much for the pillows I ordered at the Country Living Fair. They are really comfortable and supportive at the same time 🙂 trouble is we all want one now!" – Lori M, UK
“After what seems like years of searching, and making considerable expensive mistakes, I have finally found a pillow that will give me an undisturbed good nights sleep!
Following whiplash from an RTA 7 years ago I get headaches if my neck/head is not supported whilst lying down and I’ve spent so many nights wrestling with my pillows pulling and pushing them into a position where this support is optimum. From the first night of using a Woolow pillow I can honestly say my sleep has not been disturbed by nocturnal repositioning!
You can imagine that this was enough to delight me but there’s more. I have also had a type of tinnitus where you hear your heart beating when you lie on your side, which is very disturbing when you just want to fall asleep. With the Woolow this has totally disappeared! I don’t know the science behind it, whether the wool stops the echo in the ear, but I know this coupled with the comfort is the answer to a problem I thought I would have to endure!
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Woolow as an investment in a rested and comfortable nights sleep.” – Susan C, UK
"The overall quality and finishing of the casing is very good, impeccable even.
When pledging for the Woolow pillow I assumed that based on the description saying this is the ‘standard’ size pillow, my pillow protective cover and sheet cover would fit the Woolow.
As it turns out the standard in my country is 60x70 cm, consequently none of my current covers fit the pillow. The ‘English Standard’ size covers are not available in local stores. Will have to do a search online to find the matching covers. It did not take me from sleeping on the Woolow pillow without any form of protection.
Coming from a high end latex pillow with a casing made of 50% Lyocell/50% polyester - Auping Prestige - I’m used to having no ‘sound’ when touching the pillow or when moving my head.
Out of the box the crisping noise of the casing when putting my head on it needs to get used to. Moreover because I’m changing positions over 150 times a night (scientifically measured during a medical observations last year) opposed to 50 times for the average person. While this may seem as a nitpickers’ opinion, when getting a good night's sleep in general is critical, like it is in my case, everything that keeps me from that is a diminishing factor on the quality and quantity of effective sleeping time.
Taking in consideration the Woolow pillow, having a 100% cotton casing and 100% wool filling, and being very excited about the pillow, I decided to continue using it, trying to not be bothered with it and hoping the ‘noise’ will change over time.
Apart from the ‘noisy’ casing (temporary) and non availability of covers (available online) there's really nothing that will keep me from being enthusiastic about the Woolow pillow and I’ll be ordering additional pillows for my sons. No miracle side effects re apnea, tinnitus or straightening curly hair…" - Edwin
"Just to say I love my pillow !! My neck is so much better with its support. Hopefully I will purchase more in the future. I wish you well with the business and thanks again." - Linda K, UK