Sleep better in 2023 on a Woolow Irish wool pillow

Sleep better in 2023 on a Woolow Irish wool pillow

Sleep is a superpower and if you get less than you need, it can have a very negative impact on your quality of life. You can actually survive longer without water than sleep. A good pillow can really help.

Woolow is an Irish-made, completely natural product. It is sustainable, breathable, organic and naturally hypo-allergenic. Covered in 300 thread count Fair Trade cotton and stuffed with 1kg of cleaned, carded wool, it means that your airways aren’t blocked with synthetics, resulting in a better sleep.

It has the Allergy Ireland seal of approval meaning anyone with breathing and respiratory problems such as asthma will benefit, but anyone who sleeps on wool will find it more restful. It is naturally supportive and temperature controlling meaning that you will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Company founder, Michael Burke is an organic farmer who previously worked in healthcare. He is passionate about the superpower of wool.

“This is a natural resource which has proven benefits for sleep, but it is also sustainable and organic. The lifetime of the pillow is 6 years and then the whole product can be recycled.

“If you want to make self-care a priority, investing in a Woolow will take of your sleep needs which will in turn make you healthier all round” says Michael Burke.


Mike's Top 5 Sleep Tips are...

  1. Make sure the room is not too warm
  2. No TV or phones in the bedroom
  3. Make sure the room is dark
  4. Spritz some aromatherapy spray on your Woolow Irish wool pillow
  5. Stick to a sleep routine so your body knows it is time to snooze


Woolow pillows have been endorsed by many. Try one yourself!