Woolow – making the switch to sustainable packaging

Woolow – making the switch to sustainable packaging

In 2021 there was about 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world – some 6.3 billion tons of that was trash. In 1950, we created 2 million tons a year, which increased 200-fold by 2015. The reality is that the majority of plastic is never recycled. Millions of sheets of packaging are being thrown away every day.

Many of us don’t stop to ask ourselves how we may re-use this packaging, after all what use is it to us? 

Here at Woolow, we are always looking to drive sustainability and to reduce waste. Which is why we have chosen to switch to new recyclable plastic mailers as our product packaging. We like to view our purchases not as short-term solutions but as long-term investments, this not only relates to the product but also the packaging surrounding it! With our new recyclable packaging we have been pondering ways in which you can use it to its full potential so you too can make a positive impact.

So, what could I do with my Woolow Packaging?
5 Ideas to start you on your DIY journey.

  1. Storing Towels/Sheets – A perfect spot, free of moisture and dust to keep your towels or sheets fresh.
  2. Drawer Liner – Lay your clean clothes on dust-free surfaces, while also adding a stylish edge to your wardrobe.
  3. Shoe Holder – Got shoes that only manage to leave the house twice a year? Why not store them in something chic.
  4. Storing Toys – We all know the pain of stepping on an unsupervised Lego piece, well now you have a place to safely store all those scattered toys.
  5. Storing Clothes – During the time intervals between Summer/Winter months or the Big Sibling/Little Sibling exchange, store clothes neatly away in our Woolow case.

A change as small as this can have a profound impact, by choosing to re-use you will not only help to resolve our environmental crisis but also make your daily routine that one bit easier.

Let us know what other ideas you have when re-using your Woolow packaging, we want to know!