Keeping Your Woolow Fluffy & Fresh

Keeping Your Woolow Fluffy & Fresh

Worried about your wool pillow going flat?

Wool is a natural fibre and will compress over time. This is because we don’t add synthetic fillers to plump our pillows up.  However, there is a quick, easy, and healthy fix to a flat wool pillow that anyone can do. 

Simply set your tumble dryer to 40 degrees and pop the Woolow in for just two minutes. Your pillow will be perfectly plumped. If you don’t have a tumble dryer at home, ask a friend or go to the launderette.

The wool inside your Woolow has been cleaned, carded and dedusted so you are not doing this to clean the pillow, it is already clean. Neither should you wash them in a machine. They are lambswool so they will end up like that favourite jumper you put in by mistake. We’ve all been there!

Now onto a slightly more delicate matter. We love sheep but sometimes they can seem a bit...ahem, whiffy. That odour is natural lanolin, which is a good thing - but if you find our Natural pillow a bit “sheepy,” the tumble dryer hack will also work. Some people don’t notice any sheep odour, but others can find that lanolin smell in wool a bit off-putting. We also have a lovely range of aromatherapy sleep sprays which will transport you to slumberland even quicker.

So, how to puff a pillow in the dryer? How to get rid of sheep odour?
Set the tumble dryer at 40 degrees for just two minutes and you will maintain your wool pillow for even longer.