Why We Need to Invest in Our Health

When it comes to the way we structure our lives, our health and wellbeing should be our top priority. You might think of this to be quite a far-out claim to make, but rest assured it is in fact the opposite.

It may be hard to believe, but many people assume that taking care of your physical and mental self can have a stigma of vanity or selfishness. Studies confirm that this is not the case, showing that people who prioritise ‘self-care’ into their daily life are generally happier individuals. This happiness will usually cause a positive ripple of effects in a person’s life. When a person is happy, it also tends to rub off on others throughout the day. We’ve all heard the phrase that “happiness starts with yourself”, and this can be true when you start to prioritise your happiness, health and wellbeing. When a person does not prioritise their health or wellbeing, it can have a number of negative implications which may have a ripple effect on family or friends.

It is a necessity for us to get on top of our health by incorporating more movement and exercise into our daily life. We all know the importance of keeping active every day. Treat yourself; buy those running shoes, or even that gym membership that you have been putting off. When you make the investment, you will feel compelled to get out, in the dark cold night after work to put those running shoes to use. Also, you might as well make use of that gym membership now that you got it!

This is all well and good throughout the day when it comes to getting up and making use of your time and energy to create a positive momentum in the right direction. However, it’s a fact that as humans we will spend one third of our lives asleep. We should use this time to the best of our ability.  Soothing ourselves at night is the recipe for a great sleep, investing in your rest is a key factor here. When it comes to prioritising our health and wellbeing, our sleep is the pillar in which any other factor can fall upon. A poor night’s sleep has been shown in countless studies to have a ‘trickle down’ effect on a person’s general health. Woolow set out to start the movement of making people aware of the importance of sleep as a key factor in our life, health and wellbeing. Without a good night’s sleep, we all know how much more difficult the day after becomes. Here at Woolow this is a phenomenon that we wish to combat –  with the creation of our Lavender-Scented, Natural Wool Pillows & Sleeping Sprays to guide us through a night of replenishment.

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