The Power of Aromatherapy

Here at Woolow, our mission is to promote wellbeing in an organic and sustainable fashion. We have discussed the necessity of a good night’s sleep and the importance of sleeping on a wool pillow that provides you with clean fresh air free of allergens, so now let’s delve into the benefits of using our sleep sprays.

The power of aromatherapy is certainly no secret, essential oils have been around for thousands of years and used for their natural healing powers. Aromatherapy is centred around wellness and is known for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Aroma is an intrinsic feature of essential oils, these oils notably possess the extraordinary ability to calm the nervous system. A number of studies have been conducted and their results have shown how aromas directly affect our emotions, as the wonderful smells enter our nasal cavity which is directly linked to the limbic system of the brain, an area of the body responsible for our emotional responses. This region is also interlinked with the hypothalamus, an area of the brain linked to our body’s physiological functions. As a result, the effects of aromatherapy can result in significant health benefits such as; thyroid function, sleep cycles, memory, sleep cycles, blood pressure. Through harnessing the therapeutic properties that essential oils have you can improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We use a selection of essential oils in our sleep sprays, those being lavender, ylang-ylang, clary sage, frankincense, blue chamomile, cedarwood and sweet orange! Our lavender spray is centred around relieving any stress built up in the body. With a history dating back as far as 2,500 years, this plant has been linked to a number of benefits including – reducing blood pressure, relieving asthmatic symptoms, treating insomnia while decreasing anxiety & depression. This oil is extremely versatile and effective. Our sound sleep spray has the soothing ingredients of blue chamomile, cedarwood and sweet orange which possess a number of benefits including – anti-inflammation properties, easing skin conditions, relieving digestion issues, promoting sleep and lifting your mood. They aid your body to relax and to cleanse away any built-up tension. Our beautiful deep sleep spray has a mixture of clary sage, ylang-ylang, lavender and frankincense oils. These oils all work wonderfully together to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety & depression, reduce menstrual cramps, alleviate menopause symptoms, soothe joint inflammation and relieve symptoms of asthma. Through spritzing these sprays before bed at night, they enable us to calm and soothe the mind and body in a very natural way.

The importance of investing in our bedtime routine is crucial. An excessive 20% of the population suffers from respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies and hayfever. A survey conducted in 2018 revealed that almost 80% of people are sleep deprived and that 50% of the population suffers from general anxiety. Our body needs us to provide it with a good night’s sleep, it is how our body and mind rejuvenate naturally. Through using wool pillows and sleeping sprays we are providing our airways with clean air and calming the nervous system, these are essential ingredients to a replenishing sleep.

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