We invest so much into our working time and our leisure time…but what about our sleeping time? The average person spends 33 per cent of their lives asleep after all!

It is essential for us to contribute 7-9 hours of our day to a sound sleep. We need this long to enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This particular stage is a big component of our brain’s natural cleansing system as it allows us to receive emotional first aid and boosts of creativity. A number of proven studies show that a replenishing sleep also significantly improves our immunity, mental health well-being, weight regulation, fertility and rewards us with a longer life span. It is an optimum time for the brain to regenerate and restore. Throughout these important hours we need to ensure that we are carefully considering and choosing what we are using to help us take care of our bodies and to reach the sound sleep our minds require. This is where our Woolow comes into play.

Wool is a fibre that is world-renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, repellence to dust mites, fungi and mould. It is scientifically proven as an ingredient that can be used to reduce inflammation and infection to our sinuses. It is breathable; providing us only with the luxury of breathing in and out clean fresh air free of dust and other damaging particles. This organic and clean pillow also provides assistance with aches and pains in our joints, necks and backs. It is extremely soft and fluffy which will provide you with the support you need. A staggering 20 per cent of us struggle with respiratory problems such as Asthma, Allergies and Hay fever. Common triggers for such issues include dust mites. These unhygienic allergens thrive in the warm and moist conditions of your synthetic pillows and duvets. This is a disturbing thought for many as our airways are in direct contact with them every night. This close contact irritates and unfortunately causes restrictions in our airways which is why we should try our best to avoid using synthetic products and switch to Wool.

It is the fibre of ecological choice while being practical and versatile. It is non-flammable and bio-degrades naturally unlike other synthetic material. It is helping us with the enormous challenge of climate change that we face today.  We need to reflect on how much we are investing in our sleep and ecological health benefiting products. A Woolow will last up to 6 years or more, this small investment will be a huge factor to your wellbeing and will accompany through 33 per cent of your life. Make this investment…your body, mind and the environment deserve it.

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