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It is crazy to think that most of us know very little about the item that spends the most time in closest proximity to our nose, eyes and face. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, resting and trying to get a good night’s sleep. The pillow is our closest companion during those eight hours every night.

Yet we know very little about the contents of our pillow and their potential impact on our sleep quality. Woolow aims to change this, to ensure that customers get the best night’s sleep all night every night.

Woolow make hypoallergenic pillows, filled with 100% Irish wool and infused with natural fragrances, such as lavender, to enhance sleep quality. Visit to learn more. 

If you suffer from allergies you will have experienced itchiness, a stuffed nose, morning headaches or watery eyes because of dust mites that thrive in the warm environment of your bed. Antihistamines are not the solution! 

Wool is the material you have been looking for. It will enhance your sleeping experience and put an end to the allergic reactions.

Key benefits of wool are: 

  1. Wool is hypoallergenic

Dust-mites don’t like wool. They prefer hot humid environments that are common in synthetic or down products. Dust mites are one of the major cause of allergy and asthma suffering.

  1. Wool is a natural insulator

Wool retains an ideal balance of moisture. Its fibers form air pockets, as oppose to laying parallel, creating a natural insulator (this is called moisture wicking). The breathable “air pocket” characteristics also mean that sweat doesn’t weigh down your pillow’s insulation layers, which causes you to feel consistently warmer the more you sweat. 

  1. Wool is anti-microbial

Another benefit of moisture wicking is that it creates a naturally anti-microbial environment. This prevents mold, mildew, and other undesirable odors from ever infiltrating.

  1. Wool is 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Wool is essentially the regrown hair of an animal, and it’s an entirely sustainable resource that requires no harm to animal or plant life. Unlike a lot of other man-made fibers, most wool is also produced organically without the use of any refinement or treatment chemicals along the way. 

  1. Wool is fire resistant

Most of us have never had much reason to throw wool into a fire, but if you did you’d notice that it doesn’t burn well. The reason for this is that wool fiber retains a certain amount of air moisture, even wool that’s several years old. 

Woolow aims to help customers select their best wool-filled pillow, thereby ensuring sweet dreams and a restful, allergy-free deep sleep each and every night. Visit now to learn more about our products and innovations. 


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